METABOTS, Ready to Deploy

METABOTS, move out!

An important milestone for METABOTS as we proudly deploy our first batch of META-SCRUB 60 robots for LS2 Holdings.

The META-SCRUB 60 is the flagship model for METABOTS’ product line for autonomous cleaning robots.

Deploying automated cleaning robots frees up manpower and enables re-allocation of other resources to more delicate cleaning tasks such as disinfection, which is essential in places such as schools.

The META-SCRUB 60 is your perfect cleaning partner and it can be seamlessly integrated into your cleaning system with very minimal human intervention during operations. It is versatile, with the capability to meet various requirements with its different cleaning modes. It is also able to connect to the integrated charging dock station to recharge itself when needed.

It has a cleaning efficiency of 2100 square meters in 1 hour, which is the size of 4 basketball courts! It can be controlled remotely with our exclusive METABOTS app, letting operators monitor the robot movement even when they are not within close range.

Our robots will be deployed at various schools all around Singapore. Be sure to spot them, snap a photo and tag us on social media!

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