Powered with SCOTTY a Follow-Me Technology

Effortless Transportation

Powered with a SCOTTY BLOX+ Trolley will follow the cleaning operator wherever he goes. Leaving the need to push a heavy and large trolley in the hands of technology.

Dual Control Modes

Cleaning operators are empowered to choose their favorite control modes according to their preferences.


Follow Me Trolley will automatically stay by your side. Keeping a safety distance of 1 meter behind you. It will always support and provide all the cleaning tools that you might need.


Using a simplified controller, the cleaning operator can easily switch to remote control mode in an instant. 

With a maximum control range of 30 meters, unnecessary downtime will be reduced to the profit of additional cleaning efficiency

Enhanced Accessibility

Narrow Areas

Enhanced sensor adjustments will allow the Follow Me Trolley to pass through narrow area layouts, such as doors and gates (90 cm wide).

Multi-Directional Movements

BLOX + Trolley will accompany you wherever you go! Adapting its cleaning path without physical effort, according to the cleaning operator’s route and itinerary.

Smart Sensors Detection

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Detect and avoid static and dynamic obstacles as low as 5cm high.

Cliff Detection

Integrated safety feature that allows BLOX + Trolley to avoid sudden cliff changes.

Modular Cleaning Station

Smart Attachment: Without effort, bring along all your cleaning equipment.

Modular Set-up: Arrange your different cleaning elements according to your requirements and your specific missions.

Technical Specifications:

Automatic Control1 M (Automatic control distant can be
customized to different requirements)
Manual Control Range+- 50 M
Max. Load Capacity200 KG
Max. Operational Speed1.2 M / S
Max. Climbing Rate5 %
Follow Me Operations6 Hours
Charging Time3 Hours
Battery Type12 AH/ 24V Lithium-ion
 SensorsUltrasonic Sensors (x4)
Weight88 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)770 x 546 x 1092 MM