Powered with SCOTTY, a Follow-Me Technology

Effortless Transportation

Powered by SCOTTY META-SCRUB 45, it will follow the cleaning operator wherever he goes. Leaving the need to push a heavy and large robot into the hands of technology.

Dual Control Modes

Cleaning operators are empowered to choose their ideal control modes according to their preferences.


META-SCRUB 45 will automatically stay by your side. Keep a safety distance of 1 meter behind you. It will always support you and provide all the cleaning tools that you might need.


Using a simplified controller, the cleaning operator can easily switch to remote control mode in an instant.

With a maximum control range of 30 meters, unnecessary downtime will be reduced for the profit of additional cleaning efficiency.

Smart Map Adaptation

Cleaning operations have never been that easy!

Together with the Quick Clean Operations System, META-SCRUB 40 will be able to adapt his cleaning job according to the different environmental changes that could occured on the cleaning area.

Do not waste time anymore!

META-SCRUB 40 will automatically identify, analyze, and modify the Map and Cleaning task according to your requirements.

Mapping Adjustment: Scan the current map to identify potential modifications.
Dynamic Pathing: Scan the current map to identify potential modifications and adapt the cleaning path.

Dual Cleaning Mechanism

Raise up your cleaning efficiency!

Equipped with an advanced cleaning mechanism that combines scrubbing and sweeping operations, the META-SCRUB 40 will be able to enable superior cleaning results.

While the roller scrubbing brush will be able to clean deeply any hard floors, the side sweeping brushes will collect all dirt and small debris in the way.

Cleaning Efficiency

Advanced Edge Cleaning

Seamless cleaning with pre-sweep side brushes.
The ability to clean close to walls is now a reality! With less than 10 cm gap between our META-SCRUB 60 and walls, METABOTS push beyond existing industry standards.

Zero Degree Turning Radius

Easily reach each small and narrow cleaning areas. Thanks to its unique ability to rotate, META-SCRUB 40 can deliver superior cleaning efficiency in comparison to other cleaning robots and machines, suppressing the cleaning gap between 2 cleaning passages.

Spot Cleaning Detection

Save time and energy resources!

META-SCRUB 45 will only focus on specific areas that require intensive cleaning attention.

Using METABOTS interface and One tap action to launch cleaning operations on a specific target area (ranging from 2x2m² to 10x10m²).

Simplified User Interface

Multi-platform connection

Using Mirror technology, METABOTS application can be used from any type of device simultaneously. Users can use their own devices to control and interact with META-SCRUB 45.

Short Range & Long-Range Robot Control

No matter the distance, you will always be able to connect to META-SCRUB 45.
Thanks to dual wireless connection technology, users can choose whether they want to:
directly connect via a short-range connection
remotely using a long-range connection (via cloud technology).

Easy Maintenance

Robotic Maintenance has never been that easy!
Access the different parts of META-SCRUB 45 without removing any screws!

– Sweeping Brushes
– Roller Scrubbing Brushes
– Debris compartment collector
– Replaceable battery
– One-click removable Squeegee
– Water refills and sewage dumping.

Technical Specifications:

Cleaning Width 440 MM
Cleaning efficiency Up to 1,800 M2 / Hour
Brush Rotation Speed 200 RPM
Brush Pressure 25 KG
Clean Water Tank 12 L
Recovery Tank 16 L
Scrubbing Operations Up to 3 Hours
Dustmop Operations 12 Hours
Charging Time 2.5 Hours
Battery Type 40 AH / 24 V Lithium – ion
Brush Motor Power 50 W
Vacuum Motor 200 W
Max. Operational Speed 0.8 M/S (Adjustable)
Sensors 2D LIDAR (X1) Depth Cameras (X2) Ultrasonic Sensors (X4) Electronic Bumper (X1)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 650 x 550 x 720 MM
Weight 45 KG