Multipurpose Cleaning Actions

Ultra Compact Scrubber Dryer that provides high cleaning performances.

Thanks to its ergonomic concept and design, cleaning operators will easily be able to master Testa Mop 2 with comfort for all small and medium-sized areas.

Suitable to hard-surface floors such as shopping mall centers, offices, lobbies, and warehouse areas, with Testa Mop 2, you will never miss a spot! 

Compact Scrubbing: Flexible and Versatile.
360 Rotative Squeegee: Front and Reverse Cleaning operations.
Corner Edge Cleaning: Access small & narrow cleaning areas.

Ergonomic Handle

Quick Action Settings

Provides quick access to the Testa Mop 2 settings:
– Water Output
– Scrubbing Operations
– Vacuum Suction
Cleaning operations will always be ready to start cleaning operations in an instant.

Adjustable Level

Modify handle position according to the different cleaning usages and human morphologies.

Effortless Transportation Set-up

Choose your transportation style according to the terrain configuration and your preferences:

Handled Folded
Pulled Away

IoT & Real-Time Productivity Analytics

Remotely monitor Testa Mop 2 information progress to improve outcome-based productivity, cleaning efficiency quality, and decreasing labor input.

– Running Time
– Water Consumption
– Battery Level
– Geo-Localization

Technical Specifications:

Cleaning Width280 MM
Squeegee Width340 MM
Cleaning Efficiency800 m2 / Hour
Brush Speed150 RPM
Clean Water Tank6 L
Recovery Tank9 L
Scrubbing OperationsUp to 2 Hours
Charging Time1 Hours
Brush Motor200 W
Vacuum Motor120 W
Battery 12 AH/ 16 AH Lithium-ion
Weight20 KG
Dimensions (L x W x H)584 x 401 x 1040 MM